Maison Neuve
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Welcome to La Maison Neuve

Maison Neuve

La Maison Neuve tells the story of several eras. Surrounded by 11 hectares of wooded estate, the castle, whose origins go up to 1450 saw major changes in the 1800s. On the estate you’ll find organic fruit, vegetable, herb and rose gardens and a path that leads through the forest with very old and rare trees, springs and an arbor. The bamboo around the pond adds to the romantic aspect of the parc. At night owls are heard and the stars can be admired. This beautiful place offers an inspiring environment. Enjoy a journey to the heart, an unforgettable experience!

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Maison Neuve

Dates 2018


28/07 - 04/08:

Yoga & Tango

04/08 - 11/08:

Yoga & Mantra

11/08 - 18/08:

Flamenco Guitar & Dance, Cajon, Palmas & Canto

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Participant Testimonials

"Experience coming home!"

~ Cynthia Fischer

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